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Oct 31, 2014


DOHA, QATAR - Many Italian businessmen, invested with this project. Businessmen have been experiencing a rough path but certainly with a tangible and concrete value. It is important  to consider all the opportunities for the future of businesses and for all productive activities. Brand Italy Qatar has the ideal showcase to introduce Italian products to Qatar and to the Arab world in general.

Investing in Brand Italy means to get in touch with a reality will be projected to a dazzling economic growth in the years to come.

Company Brand.Italy Gold.Fondo.Nero

The attention to luxury and to exclusivity are at the highest level and Italian manufacturing can successfully satisfy all the expectations of the Qataris thanks to its production since time immemorial based on top quality and well refined products.

Italian products have always been synonymous with excellence, and attending an exhibition like this, it means offering the Made in Italy not only as a product but as a lifestyle.

Our goal was to organize an exhibition that would allow also to other realities Italian to show themselves in the best way possible to the Qatar market. The foundations are now laid and, after more than one year of organization, the Brand Italy fair is close to his debut: a year of meetings and travel in large and small realities where the feedback received from the Italian companies was strong since the very beginning.

Thanks to the participation of more than 200 companies divided in 4 main categories (tourism and culture, food, design, construction) the fair will become a multipurpose exhibition with an expectation of more than 12 hundreds buyers and thousands of visitors.

All this will be possible thanks to the support of our sponsors BRUSCO GIOIELLI, CAFFÈ MORETTINO, FMG FABBRICA MARMI E GRANITI, NUROVI, PIANTE FARO, TECNIS, TECNO and VENDEX to who goes our gratitude and appreciation.

A special thank goes to DERIPLAST, leader in the production of plastics for civil and gas applications, as polyethylene pipes for aqueducts, sewers and gas pipelines, even of very big size over 1000mm in diameter, and LAMM, leader for seating solutions for auditorium and conference halls, already well known in Qatar with a sales volume of approximately 5 million.

Brand Italy in a tangible way will give companies visibility and, through contact with local businessmen, the real opportunity to internationalize their activities. 


For more information on Brand Italy, please contact Omar Abu Salma,  Sales & Marketing Manager at